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Good News From Indonesia

Founded in 2008, Good News From Indonesia as known as GNFI is an independent media which focuses on delivery of the positivity with a mission “Restoring Optimism, Rebuilding Confidence.”

Good News From Indonesia has delivered strong message through the community that good news is good news. The founder, Akhyari Hananto, told that it was begun with his survey result that 87% correspondents are pessimistic about the country’s future. The main reason was the lack of positive news produced by mainstream media.

After five years delivering good news via website, social media (twitter, mostly) and partnership with conventional media like radio stations and local TVs, Good News From Indonesia reached me to collaborate in creating better and stronger identity.


Brand Identity


Good News From Indonesia





Logo Good News From Indonesia

Early Insights

Visually, the G marks and the letter G in logotype “Good News From Indonesia” stand on the same basis or transformed from a similar font. But it doesn’t have balance in terms of style. The decorative G mark has thin lines compared to the logotype that has strong and modern looks.

The G mark is unique but the logotype steal the focus. It’s a problem because people will get uneasy to pick which one to remember. Should it be the mark or the logotype?

One more thing that I noticed was that the G mark could be harder to recognize in small size.

Solution to Offer

We agree that the new identity should be in line with the spirit of the organization. It has to be novel and fit modern applications.

There are two basic approaches to consider. One is to create a simple symbol. Two is to develop a complex image to tell all stories behind it. But above all, it should be easy to recognize.

Logo Good News From Indonesia

Indonesia mmg bukan negara sempurna, mgkn takkan pernah sempurna. Tapi bangsa ini adl bangsa yg luar biasa, & akan ttp luar biasa. Merdeka! 


Translation: “Indonesia isn’t a perfect country, and may never be. But this is an extraordinary nation, and it will always be. Merdeka!” – @gnfi

The Process

I believe that in every great product or design lies the detail of execution. And the result is only relevant if it has a well-done process, research, and exploration.

This project is developed in 3 stages of execution: Exploration, Refinement, and Final Arts.

The first one is exploration. Exploration is basically the same as visual brainstorming, where I often find new ideas and unlock new possibilities. This process is rough, fast, and almost without risk. Paper and pencil (or pen) are the best tools to start with. The result of this stage is a design draft or two that I will execute.

#1. Exploration

Exploration gave me ideas that in this context, the complex logo is the better choice. GNFI is all about Indonesia. Rather than a simple logo, it would be good to put what’s so unique about Indonesia altogether in one logo.

The inspiration is everywhere. Indonesia has more than 1300 ethnic groups with more than 700 spoken languages. The unique and various cultures, flora and fauna. The diverse people are living in harmony in the archipelago that consists more than 17000 islands. There’s a big challenge to represent all of these and make them look good in a logo.

Having a simple logo, wether it’s mark or logotype is good. Even better for most cases. But, this time, I was eager to bring this idea alive.  

To make a complex logo looks simple, I have to set boundaries. In this case, it is the G shape.

A milestone is accomplished here. The next step is to evaluate this draft or initial raw sketch and moving to the refinement process.

#2. Refinement

The second process is to refine and execute the draft. Iterations and proofing are done here. This is probably the boring part because it could seem endless. But once we reach our ‘a-ha!’, it would become more interesting.

It start by evaluating some every aspect on the logo and define the step how to make it better. In shorts, you can see the evaluation and revision process on this carousel.

#3. Final Arts

The last step is to provide final products to deliver. 



Some display to enjoy.

-merchandises, namecard, tshirts (apalah indonesia tanpamu, indonesia im proud, gnfi, indonesia awesome)


When I was working in this project, I had to do research a lot about Indonesia because the client itself is somehow the representative of the country. The ideas and the contents are mainly showcasing Indonesia’s greatness. From the people, the story, the history, the dream, the culture, the and many more. In short, this project made me love Indonesia much more.

Extra: Design Philosophy →

In this country, people love philosophy. When we see a symbol, we immediately ask: what’s the meaning of it? Read the full philosophy on my blog here.