Work, 2022

Wrapping culture & local style into a distinctive logo for ANOC World Beach Games 2023


Logo Design

The project

I was thrilled to receive a request for a logo design from Salvador Ramirez, the Managing Director of JTA Design, who has extensive experience in the sports industry. After exchanging a few emails, we scheduled a conference call to discuss the project further. I felt honored that he approached me to work on a logo design, especially since the project was related to a major event that was going to take place in Indonesia the following year.

The project objective was to create a logo design that align with the ANOC World Beach Games' visual guidelines while also showcasing Balinese culture, given that the event was to be held in Bali.


During our virtual meeting, we explored a few options for the logo design. One possibility was a spiral-shaped logo featuring Balinese and beach elements, while the other option was to incorporate the barong mask, which is a significant symbol in Balinese mythology. Given the strong connection between Bali and the barong, we both agreed that using the barong mask would be the better choice. The barong is believed to represent good against evil.

Although the brief was clear in terms of the need to incorporate Balinese culture and adhere to the visual guidelines, I still had the creative freedom to explore various design possibilities.


Before starting the design process, I conducted research to identify elements that would be suitable for inclusion in the logo design. I focused on finding elements that would represent both the sports aspect of the event and Balinese culture, heritage, and identity. 


Bali local culture and beach element for ANOC World Beach Games 2023 logo inspiration.

The Process

As I always do, the design process started with sketching out ideas freely. It took a lot of iterations and goind back and forth from paper to screen periodically. In short, you can look the progress below alongside with the client feedbacks.


Barong inspired logo initial sketches


Initial logo design in black, white, and colors


(1) Initial design, (2) first revision, (3) JTA Design's adjustment


First revision (yellow)


First revision (orange)


JTA Design's adjustment


JTA Design's adjustment

Final Design

Here are the the final design versions done by team JTA Design for ANOC World Beach Games 2023.


Logo design preview by JTA Design

2nd ANOC World Beach Games Bali 2023 logo reveal video by JTA Design, launched at XXVI ANOC General Assembly Seoul 2022 (19/10/2022)

The design process for this project was particularly intense due to the limited time frame we had to work with. Despite this, our communication was excellent and the discussions with the client were fluid, which ultimately led to the success of the project.

While my role did not involve building the final logo or creating a complete visual identity, it was a truly valuable experience to collaborate with Salvador from JTA Design.

Edy is a very professional designer and with a great creativity and attention to detail.

Salvador Ramirez
Managing Director, JTA Design