Edy Pang

On daily basis, @edypang is a Designer for Graphics and Brand Identities, Visual Artist & Editor, Content Creator & Art Director.

Edy Pang has 9+ years of experience to help your design needs.

His career path in creative industry is quite unique as he spent most of his time to hone his skills through informal studies and multidisciplinary practices. Since he was in high school, he enjoyed doing some school magazines layout until he moved to Surabaya to pursue his Electronic Engineering degree. But then his passion for visual design went stronger that he later chose to be a designer, instead of an engineer.

In 2011, he joined a Surabaya-based creative agency, DheZign Online Solution, as a junior designer and had the honor to work in various creative fields, mostly web design projects, for national and multinational clients, such as Fox International Channel, Indosat, Axis, Century21, Citilink, Dua Kelinci, and many more.

As a freelancer, he had worked with some good clients like Good News From Indonesia, Telkomsel, Angkasa Pura I, Rooang.com, REDI (Regional Economic Development Intitute), Trenggalek Regency, and also Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Republic of Indonesia.

In 2013, he joined Good News from Indonesia (@GNFI) as a Designer and Creative Director for three years to develop its digital content strategy and to work with GNFI’s valuable partners and clients.

He moved to Jakarta in 2017 to join IndonesiaBaik.id, a digital media funded by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Republic of Indonesia as a content and visual editor. And he also does some mentoring activities for digital content creation workshop for several ministries and institutions.

His portfolio page is under development. Request his sample works here.

Do not hesitate to contact him.

  • 2020   ·   Become a father.
  • 2018   ·   Become a husband.
  • 2017   ·   Graduated. Move to Jakarta to join Indonesiabaik.id
  • 2016   ·   Going solo, freelancing.
  • 2013   ·   Joining @gnfi. Pursue bachelor degree in economics.
  • 2012   ·   Giving up college. Joining creative agency.
  • 2009   ·   Freelancing in Graphic Design.
  • 2007   ·   Pursue an electrical engineering degree in Surabaya.
  • 1988   ·   Born in Trenggalek.